French Nail Tips

Sandy Rowley
5 min readOct 26

History of French Tip Nails

The French manicure, known for its iconic white tip and nude or pink base, is a classic and elegant style that has been widely adored for decades.


While named “French,” the origins of the French manicure are not definitively tied to France. In fact, many sources claim it was developed in the United States in the 1970s. The style was popularized by Jeff Pink, the founder of the nail polish brand Orly. Pink claimed to have created the look for Hollywood actresses to help them change their nail styles quickly to match their outfits. He then took the look to Parisian runways, and upon its success there, he coined the term “French manicure.”


Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the French manicure became a hallmark of elegance and sophistication. Celebrities and everyday women alike embraced the trend. It has seen ebbs and flows in its popularity, but it has remained a staple in nail salons worldwide.

Famous Nail Designers:

While Jeff Pink is credited with popularizing the French manicure, there have been several nail artists and influencers over the years who have added their own spin to this classic design:

Tammy Taylor — A prominent figure in the nail industry, Tammy Taylor’s brand has been influential in promoting and elevating the French manicure style.

Tom Bachik — A celebrity nail artist who has worked with stars like Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez. While he’s known for many nail designs, he has often incorporated and reinterpreted the French tip in modern ways.

Jin Soon Choi — A renowned nail artist, she has introduced minimalist and chic versions of the French manicure, experimenting with colors and textures.