how to start affiliate marketing with no money
k afhow to start affiliate marketing with no money?

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with Zero Budget (And Crush It Like an Empty Soda Can)

Sandy Rowley


So, you want to jump into affiliate marketing but your wallet’s emptier than a politician’s promises? Good news! Your bank account can stay as untouched as that gym membership you bought on New Year’s Day because I’m about to show you how to get started with affiliate marketing without dropping a dime.

But first, let’s break it down like a cardboard box for recycling:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Imagine you’re at a party. You tell a friend about this killer blender that makes smoothies so smooth, you could slip ‘n slide on ’em. Your friend buys it based on your recommendation. Now, imagine the store overhearing you and tossing you a few bucks for the referral. That’s affiliate marketing, in a nutribullet shell.

And guess what? There are parties like this happening online 24/7, and they’re called free virtual events on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing: The Free Virtual Event of Your Dreams

A free virtual event on affiliate marketing is like an all-you-can-eat buffet for your brain. Industry experts gather to spill the beans on how to succeed in affiliate marketing. They dish out tips, tricks, strategies, and sometimes, they’ll even hand you their secret sauce recipe for traffic generation. And the price of admission? Your time and attention, amigo.

Now, let’s put on our digital running shoes and sprint into:

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

Step 1: Choose Your Playground

You don’t need cash to start, but you need a platform. Are you a social butterfly? Go for Instagram or TikTok. More of a wordsmith? A blog or Medium might be your jam. YouTube more your style? Get ready for your close-up. Pick one and plant your flag.

Step 2: Pick Your Posse

Find affiliate programs that match your vibe. Amazon’s Affiliate Program is like the neighborhood everyone’s been to. But don’t ignore the others. ShareASale, ClickBank, and Commission Junction are like the cool indie shops that might just become your new hangout.