Legal SEO — Find the Best SEO Expert for your Practice

Sandy Rowley
3 min readNov 21, 2023


Finding the best Legal SEO experts for your law firm or practice requires careful consideration and research. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you in this process:

1. Understand Your Needs
— Assess Your Current Online Presence: Evaluate your current website’s performance, visibility on search engines, and your competitors’ online strategies.
— Identify Goals: Define what you want to achieve with SEO — improved rankings, more traffic, better client engagement, etc.

2. Research Potential SEO Experts
— Specialization in Legal SEO: Look for experts who specialize in SEO for law firms. They will have a better understanding of your industry and target audience.
— Check Their Portfolio: Review their past work to see their success with other law firms. SEO experts should also rank in Google for SEO related terms. Use a keyword research tool to vet each expert.

3. Evaluate Their Strategy and Techniques
— Customized Approach: Ensure they offer a tailored strategy based on your firm’s unique needs and goals.
— Adherence to SEO Best Practices: The experts should use white-hat SEO techniques, following search engine guidelines.

4. Look for Transparency and Communication
— Regular Reporting: They should provide regular, detailed reports on your SEO campaign’s performance.
— Open Communication: Ensure they are easily reachable and open to discussing strategies and any concerns you may have.

5. Check Reviews and Testimonials
— Client Feedback: Look for reviews or testimonials from previous clients, especially from the legal sector.
— Case Studies: Request case studies to understand their approach and results achieved.

Legal SEO Expert Sandy Rowley
Sandy Rowley Top Legal SEO Expert

6. Understand Their Pricing Structure
— Transparent Pricing: Ensure their pricing is transparent with no hidden costs.
— ROI Focus: Consider the potential return on investment rather than just the initial cost.

7. Consider Their SEO Tools and Resources
— Advanced Tools: They should use up-to-date and advanced SEO tools for keyword research, analytics, etc.
— Continued Learning: The best SEO experts stay updated with the latest trends and algorithm changes.

8. Meet the Team
— Professional Expertise: Meet the team who will be working on your project to assess their expertise and experience.
— Cultural Fit: It’s important that their working style and culture align with your firm’s values.

9. Ask About Their Success Metrics
— Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Understand how they measure success — whether it’s through rankings, traffic, leads, etc.
— Long-Term Results: SEO is a long-term strategy, so ensure they focus on sustainable results.

10. Legal Compliance and Ethics
— Ethical Practices: They must understand and adhere to legal advertising ethics.
— Data Protection: Ensure they are compliant with data protection laws relevant to your client’s information.

Choosing the right Legal SEO expert is crucial for your law firm’s online success. Take your time to research and select a partner who understands your goals, adheres to SEO best practices, and has a proven track record in the legal industry. Remember, effective SEO is not just about improving rankings but also about enhancing your firm’s credibility and attracting the right clientele.