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Sandy Rowley
9 min readOct 26

How To Use Outlook Like a Genius

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How To Recall An Email in Outlook

Here are the steps to recall or revoke an email in Outlook:

1. Open the sent email you want to recall.

2. Go to the Message tab at the top.

3. Click on Actions and select Recall This Message.

4. A window will pop up asking if you want to recall the message. Click OK.

5. This will send a recall request. If the recipient has not opened the email yet, the message will be recalled.

6. To check if the recall succeeded, open the sent item again. If it failed, the message will say “This recall failed”.

7. You can also delete the sent message from your inbox to remove any confusion.

- Recalls only work if the recipient has not opened the email yet.

- You cannot recall emails sent to external domains outside your organization.

- Deleted emails cannot be recalled. Make sure it’s in the Sent folder.

- You may need admin access to be able to recall emails in Outlook.

So in summary, act quickly if you need to recall a message and check the sent item to confirm if the recall worked.

How to Unsend An Outlook Email

Unfortunately, there is no native option to unsend an email in Outlook once it has been sent. However, here are a few things you can try:

- Recall the email if it hasn’t been opened yet. Follow the steps to recall a message in Outlook. This will only work if the recipient hasn’t opened it.

- Delete the email from the recipient’s inbox. If you have admin access to their account or they give you consent, you can log in and permanently remove the email.

- Ask the recipient to delete the email. Contact them and request that they permanently remove the email from their inbox and trash.