Reno Business Groups

Sandy Rowley
2 min readJul 27, 2022

Are you looking to network with local Reno Nevada business owners? How about learn new marketing tips/tricks to grow your bottom line?

You should join Reno Business Group on Meetup.

This is a fantastic group of over 700 Reno business owners who get together once a month to network and learn.

Sandy Rowley, a leading digital marketing expert, manages this local networking group.

Reno Business Groups

“Sandy is a breath of fresh air. I mean really, she has helped my business so much. I can’t even begin to thank her for the help.” Janice W.

Reno Business Groups are popping up all over the web, but this oldy but goody is still bringing the value to the locals.

1 hour of free marketing support a month has helped hundreds of Northern Nevada business owners gain a secure foothold in the local market.

This month, Rowley shared a little known SEO tactic that most any one can take advantage of.

Unlinked Mentions!

“We learned about Unlinked Mentions today in our Marketing Workshop & Networking Group. What is an unlinked mention you ask? See example below:

:::::::::::::::::::::::::begin example:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sandy Rowley Reno Marketing, Reno Logo Design, Reno Web Design, Reno SEO Companies, Reno Business Groups.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::end example:::::::::::::::::

Notice there are no links in the statement above, but Google and other search engines can “see” the paragraph above and count it as a mention for my Web Design Business in Reno. This little technique helps my website rank well online for SEO and Web Design related keywords. You can do the same for your small business.

Join us each month for a free 1 hour Zoom session where local Reno Businesses join up to share marketing tips and strategies. We do a little networking as well. Do a Google search for : Reno Business Group. Or do a search on for Reno Business Group. Hope to see you soon!” Rowley said.

Reno Business Groups