Would You Sit with 100k Live Honeybees?

Sandy Rowley
5 min readJun 14, 2024


An Ancient Form of Healing Inside a Shamanic Cocoon

Meditate with Live Honeybees — Sandy Rowley

The Honeybee Observatory

and Repair Your Relationship with the Universe

How meditating with a million honeybees resets your connection to childlike wonder.

“Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting — over and over announcing your place in the family of things.” –Mary Oliver

Each layer of this Earth, each atom connected to the next, is a micro part of a grander scheme on this experience called life.

You are a part of this whole, your soul, dreams actions, pain, joy and regrets, make up a delicious tapestry of experiences that shape our future.

In our current time of melancholic regret, our collective consciousness is crying out for forgiveness and guidance.

Hurricanes, fires, school shootings, tornadoes, migraines, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, anxiety attacks, and tsunamis stirring up fear and isolation, leaving most alone in their safe quiet spaces…yearning for real connection.

Some choose to fill that void with harmful chemicals, petty sadism, mindless scrolling and ideation of permanent endings, secretly dream of what was once forsaken.

This turmoil, inner storm, is carving away at the unnecessary, opening our wounds up to the light of day. Offering them up as a sacrifice, a repentance for our willingness to give up our power to those willing to take it.

Our transgressions may have led us astray, but nature is still alive, with vibrant power and wisdom, ready to repair, refuel and regenerate the magic of life.

She calls out to us on a gentle breeze on a hot summer’s day, on the wings of a robin singing us up out of our beds…or stumbling over a heart shaped pebble while racing to our next meeting.

She reminds us to slow down, sit for a spell…tell her about your troubles, share your hopes and dreams.

The Honeybee is an ancient symbol of divine messages from Spirit, Communication with our ancestors and a very sacred muse. Ancient peoples revered the honeybee as a symbol of communal wisdom and harmony, respected for their social behaviors and shared of labors within the hive.

These primal creatures hold the secret to recovering the lost soul of humanity…

Practicing Shaman and Herbalist, Alexandria Wolfe (aka Sandy Rowley), is co creating the very place that will reunite community with the whole. A land artist known for her activism and creative solutions for some of the worlds most pressing challenges, has dreamed up a 3rd place, a respite in a world dominated by man and their machines, The Honeybee Observatory.

“I hope to create a space that fulfills our desire for the divine, a space, created for and with the primal creatures of earth and sky, who for generations have been forced to live in small wooden boxes, treated as slaves, forced to give up their food and sustenance for the greater good of humanity.”

The Honeybee Observatory is a refuge for all souls, seeking comfort, inspiration and a sense of wonder.

Meditate with Live Honeybees — Sandy Rowley

Inside a large glass and metal geodesic dome, patrons are invited to experience living inside a warm buzzing honeybee hive. The space is designed to encompass all the senses.

Sight — Being pulled into the ever present now, by thousands of honeybees, busy with the evolution of life inside the hive. Birth, death and rebirth all play out within the first 15 minutes of entering the observatory.

Sound — A low hum greets you as you enter the massive space. How could something so small reverberate into my very cells? A vast network of creatures, all certain of their purpose in life is a beautiful thing to witness.

Taste — A hint of honey, pine sap and pollen coat your pallet. A gentle hint of this delicacy lingers for a few hours after the experience.

Touch — Gently laying your open hand on the 1-inch-thick glass wall, you can feel the vibration of the hive, the heat generated by a million tiny wings, a deep sense of connection with these wild creatures creates a sensation of profound meditative presence.

Smell — A wild and sensuous scent of honey, pollen, propolis, pine sap and honeycomb, a rich combination, almost overwhelming, but also pleasant.

A warm loud hum vibrates within the walls. Honey is perfumed with local flowers and other fuana.

The Queen welcomes all who dare to enter. “Notice the curve of my comb, the sweet scent of honey, lovingly labored over a million flowers and a few hundred thousand hours, all for you my dear. Breathe in the Honeybees medicine, the propolis, shared from our distant relatives, the honeybee and the majestic pines, whose sap heals most all wounds.”

Beekeepers have known for centuries the mystical like pull of being present around these ancient creatures.

Sting or venom therapy has been used for thousands of years as a boost to the immune system, like a vaccine for living on Planet Earth, our bodies have evolved with all insects, sharing and swapping DNA, viruses and energies.

Eating the jelly and comb from a natural hive, induces a healing response within the digestive system.

Bee’ing in the presence of these wise and ancient creatures, calms the nervous system and brings ones focus to the beautiful hear and now.

Help co create this special place with offerings of time, money and expertise.

Learn more about these healing experience at www.BeeHabitat.com